Gaming Etiquette: Lets Talk About "That Guy".


The Dak here, back from eating all the food in the employee fridge to talk about the one thing all 40k players have had some experience with. Yes, I’m talking about “That Guy.” Who is “That Guy,” and what makes him so singularly unpleasant to play against? Keep reading to learn how to identify, and deal with “That Guy”.

Identifying “That Guy” 

If at any point your opponent looks like this…..

“That Guy” can come in all shapes and sizes. They can be male or female, in fact, they are people just like you and me. What makes them stand out is a burning desire to win at any cost. Now, I am sure some of you reading that last sentence immediately got salty, don’t worry I am not talking about WAAC gamers. Most competitive/ tournament level players are pleasant to play against. The greatest difference between the two, is their attitude and approach to winning.
What every 40k player sees when “That Guy” walks in.

“That Guy” will tend to do the following:

  • Intentionally look for players new to 40k, not to help teach them, but to absolutely crush them for an easy win.
  • Give bad advice to said new player, in order to secure victory.
  • Will bring a tournament “net list” to a casual game without so much as heads up.
  • Will knowingly bend the rules in their favor, but come down hard on opponents for making a genuine mistake.
  • Gets bent out of shape when you call them out on a mistake they made.
  • Usually a ruthless rules lawyer who has no problem arguing with you for like 20 damn minutes, until you cave and let him have his way.
  • Generally negative the entire time you play against them.
  • “That Guy” may throw shade at the models you painted , but has all his armies painted on commission.
  • He or she will almost always get very butt hurt when they start losing.
  • They may throw, toss or otherwise slam models around as a result of the afore mentioned butt hurt.
  • In some very rare and extreme cases, flip the table like a pissed off gorilla.
  • (optional) Refuses to bathe, smells like wet dog and old ham sandwiches, yet insist on practically standing on top of you when they have to move units on your side of the board. In worst case scenarios, you can smell them across the table.

Blowing up Cadia, the 40k universes, equivalent of flipping the table.

So in summary, “That Guy” can be characterized by some if not all of the above traits. In essence, a “That Guy” is WAAC player taken to its extreme, but usually without the skill or common decency shown by actual tournament players. They are ever present, in gaming clubs, FLGS, and competitive events alike. Lurking in the shadows. Now, you might be asking, “Dak now that I have learned to identify “That Guy” how do i stop his reign of terror at my local game store?”. Turns out the solution is simple and elegant. Politely refuse to play against him. If enough players in your FLGS refuse to indulge him, he will likely wander off to another store. In my next article, i will talk about good gaming etiquette or how to be the proverbial “This Guy.”
Do any of you know  “That Guy?” If so fire off a comment telling us about your experiences, and solutions for dealing with them. As always, if you are not a member you should signup to get access to exclusive content for painting, tactics, and much more. Also, you get a custom NATGT dice tray when you sign up for our yearly subscription.
Thanks to Games Workshop for the images!

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