Beasts Of Chaos And Knight Receptor Marches On Towards This Week's Pre-Order


Another week, another set of pre-orders from Games Workshop are here! We got a handful for Age of Sigmar this week and another solo release for Imperial Knights (40K).
Are they worth your $$$? We round them up for you to help you decide!

Realm of Beasts Collection

All the rules and accessories you need for a Beasts of Chaos army in Warhammer Age of Sigmar is here. It comes with a super-shiny limited edition Battletome.  If that’s the kind of game you play then this is probably the bundle for you.
Here’s what’s inside!

Battletome: Beasts of Chaos Limited Edition

This is an individually-numbered Limited Edition of Battletome: Beasts of Chaos, and it’s sold only until supplies last. It is a complete and unabridged, and features a soft touch cover with foil block, gilt page edges and ribbon marker.
This 104-page Battletome features the story of the Beasts of Chaos, who spread anarchy and ruin throughout the Mortal Realms, along with showcases of beautifully painted miniatures, painting advice and all the rules for this army.

Endless Spells: Beasts of Chaos

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble 3 Endless Spells usable by Beasts of Chaos wizards in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. When used with the Malign Sorcery rules, these can be incredibly powerful tools in your magical arsenal. Included.
A Wildfire Taurus: a gargantuan flaming bull which stampedes through enemies without breaking stride, setting flesh ablaze and crushing those not consumed by the conflagration.
A Doomblast Dirgehorn: animal bones drawn-out from the earth and fused into the shape of a giant horn which blasts a dolorous dirge capable of stripping the minds of those within earshot.
A Ravening Direflock: this is a murder of 6 spectral crows, circling the battlefield and harrying those who try to flee the carnage with unending, dispiriting caws.

This kit comes as 25 components supplied on brown-coloured plastic, and includes 4 Citadel 40mm Round bases and a Citadel 70mm Oval base. Warscrolls are found in Battletome: Beasts of Chaos.

Warscroll Cards: Beasts of Chaos

This pack of 29 large-format cards contains each of the unit Warscrolls from Battletome: Beasts of Chaos, printed on individual cards for handy reference in your battles, along with 2 sheets of gaming tokens. These tokens cover Command Points, Mystic Shield, Primordial Call Battle Traits and the 14 unique spells available to Beasts of Chaos wizards.

Beasts of Chaos Dice

This is a set of 20 6-sided 16mm dice, colored to brown with bone markings to represent the Beasts of Chaos. Each features a Beasts of Chaos icon in place of the 6 and a skull in place of the 1.

Knight Preceptor Canis Rex

The Knight Preceptor is a Questoris-class close-ranged powerhouse. Its design is intended to exemplify the core tenets of the Code Chivalric in battle: close with the enemy in honorable range, engage them with sufficient force to show respect for their fortitude, and kill them quickly and cleanly in the Emperor’s name. To this end, they are armed with a reaper chainsword or thunderstrike gauntlet and the rare and terrifying las-impulsor. Canis Rex is a notable Knight Preceptor, who escaped the tortures of the Iron Warriors and has punished the scions of chaos with vehemence and fury ever since.
This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to build a Knight Preceptor. This is a serious bit of kit – it contains an entire Imperial Knight Warden kit, along with an extra 37 components which upgrade the basic Knight into the Preceptor – and, optionally, the specific named Preceptor Canis Rex. These components can be broken down as follows:

  • A frame of Imperial Knight carapace components, including the carapace itself, engine block assembly, shoulder pads, shoulder joints, 2 sets of carapace heraldry and a heavy stubber.
  • A frame of Imperial Knight leg components, including the leg and feet assemblies, greaves, waist assembly, chest plates, 2 faceplates, a pennant, tilting plate and armor plates for the knees and groin.
  • A frame of Imperial Knight weapons, including a thermal cannon, rapid-fire battle cannon, heavy stubber, 2 alternate faceplates, and torso assembly.
  • An Imperial Knight Warden frame, including a thunderstrike gauntlet, avenger gatling cannon, carapace mounted twin icarus autocannon, carapace mounted missile launcher with the choice of either ironstorm, shieldbreaker, or stormspear missile pods, meltagun, 3 alternate faceplates, and tilting plate.

Using those frames to build the basic Imperial Knight structure with either a reaper chainsword or thunderstrike gauntlet, the following is used to complete the Knight Preceptor:
A frame of Knight Preceptor components, including the las-impulsor assembly, a unique faceplate, a multi-laser which mounts just beneath the left-front of the carapace, an alternate piece of heraldry for the carapace, 6 wolf head gargoyles, a knee pad with sculpted sword and chain, a cockpit assembly – this fits within the carapace, and can be modelled open to show the throne and control panels along with, if you choose, the seated pilot; a pilot on foot, carrying a power pack; and a unique tilting plate and pennant specific to the named Knight Canis Rex.

This kit can be built as either a Knight Preceptor, Canis Rex, Errant, Paladin, Warden, Gallant or Crusader – the weapons are interchangeable and can be used as spares for any other Knight kits you might have.
The Knight Preceptor is supplied as 250 components and includes a Citadel 170mm Oval base, a Citadel 25mm Round base for the pilot on foot, and a transfer sheet featuring heraldry for Imperial Knights and heraldry specific to Canis Rex.

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