First Full Look: Core Units from the Leagues of Votann


We’ve been given teases, we’ve been given glimpses, but this is our first gander at all of the core units from the Leagues of Votann and they are glorious. The Hearthkin Warriors in all their glory are finally presented. Take a look at these incredible new units to be added to the army formerly known as Squats: \

About the Hearthkin

These hardy clone warriors form the core of the Kinhosts, and unlike the Adeptus Astartes, they are not bred solely for war. These soldiers are citizens drawn from the populace of the Holds, regardless of gender, job, or social role. They’re Kin who have undergone rigorous martial training, yes, but they also have fulfilling lives outside of war. 

40k LoVHearthkyn Jun20 Details1

Each unit of Hearthkyn numbers 10 to 20 strong, and is led by an experienced Theyn. These doughty squad leaders have the honour and responsibility of commanding their fellow Kin – and are able to arm themselves with a variety of hand-to-hand combat weapons, including brutal concussion gauntlets and vicious plasma axes.

40k LoVHearthkyn Jun20 Details2

Theyns communicate with their squad with the aid of cybernetic implants – relaying strategic instructions from the commanders of the Oathband to their units, who carry specialised heavy weaponry such as L7 missile launchers, EtaCarn plasma beamers, and magna-rail rifles.

40k LoVHearthkyn Jun20 Details3

The Leagues of Votann believe that nothing is worth doing unless it is done well, and they wage war as methodically as any other pursuit. If the cost of the fight cannot be justified, they’ll retire from the battle in good order. Every commander, from Theyns to the grand leader of an Oathband, will ensure no Kin lives are wasted in the pursuit of victory.

To help limit unnecessary loss of life, squads of Hearthkyn often go to battle with experienced field medics (or skilled engineers, for Ironkin) who can tend to any injuries. Be they mechanical or meat – no Kin gets left behind!

Final thoughts on the Hearthkyn

We can’t wait so see the codex from this newly updated and rereleased and revamped army.

What are your thoughts?

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