Fearless Forecast: Here’s What’s Next In Warhammer 40K’s Pipeline!

GW has made some exciting announcements at the UK Games Expo!


Seems like GW doesn’t plan on holding back in overwhelming the Warhammer community with their future agenda! Well, maybe it’s just fair that they drop us a new set of hints and announcements on what’s to come.


Today, in UK Games Expo, GW just revealed some of the most anticipated releases that many of us have been waiting for! Here’s a quick rundown of the announcement!


  1. Two new codex book are next in line! The Orks and the Space Wolves!

  1. A new miniature for Genestealer Cults will also be crawling down the pipeline! He comes with three arms, three eyes, a half heads, and a biohazard sign! As anyone who’s tangled with them will attest, fighting them certainly IS a hazard!

  1. Get ready to make room for more Xenos models, too, because they might be coming soon!

If you’re an avid player of the factions mentioned above, your patience will be soon rewarded, finally! And, sure enough, GW will drop more tidbits in the days to come. So, start getting hyped!


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