Everything We Know About the Sister Hospitaller

Although faith may be their shield, even Adepta Sororitas need a healer occasionally. That’s where the Sister Hospitaller comes in.
Although all the details we have right now are pictures of the model. It is staggering. Compared to the previous version of the Hospitaller the new one looks amazing.
Complete with a sister that has fallen at her feet. The whole pose of the Hospitaller creates a scene. With the unit herself reading last rights from her book and using a holy icon.
Plus the doves flying around the model carrying scrolls, emphasizes the unit’s purity. The fallen sister even has bullet holes in her chestplate. A dream for all those painters out there. The new design has a pleated habit and an optional rebreather mask just like the old model. The holy icon also has an alternate version that can be used.
Adepta Sororitas armies that like to run a healer will have quite the treat with this new Sister Hospitaller model. Like most of the sisters teased so far this model looks amazing.
As always, A big thanks to Games Workshop for the images provided for this article.
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