Everything We Know About Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good


The fifth book in the Psychic Awakening series we know has T’au in it. Being titled ‘The Greater Good.’ But at this time we do not know who their opponents will be. But we do know that a popular T’au hero will be getting quite the update.

New Year, New Suit

Shas’o Shaserra, hero of the T’au Empire, more commonly known as Commander Shadowsun is getting a whole new look and new rules. Let’s talk about the new model for a second. Still striking her pose atop a triangle piece of debris and wielding two fusion weapons. But the suit has changed quite a bit since the last model. Now sporting two sets of arms, one set for directing the battle and the other for aiming her deadly arsenal. Plus there are three varieties of heads this time around. The jump pack on the back looks similar to one from a Ghostkeel suit. Plus her drones are updated to be more unique meaning they will likely have new rules as well.

But the remodel isn’t all cosmetic as Shadowsun has some new weaponry options. First up she has a choice of two different fusion blasters with either the high-energy or dispersed types. High-energy is the classic fusion blaster. But the dispersed is probably like a plasma rifle. But also she gains extra weapons with either a flechette launcher or light missile pod. Flechette weapons have only been on Forge World T’au models up till now which makes that an exciting option. The Light Missile Pod is an interesting new option that will probably be a single shot weapon.

This is great, but the best part of the new Shadowsun is the fact that she will be useable with any T’au Empire Sept. Not just her home world of T’au.


While “The Greater Good” is still a ways off, it is nice to see some information already dropping. Shadowsun was already a common sight in T’au lines and now it looks like we’ll see even more of her at the game table.

Painting Problem Solved

Painting miniatures can be the most exciting part of Warhammer 40k… and also the most tedious/annoying if you don’t know the right techniques. That’s exactly why in this article you are going to discover how I transformed my miniatures to have them looking beautiful enough to win medals at conventions (while saving time).

I remember a time when I had a bunch of grey, plastic minis laying around all over the house (it’s not hard to forget because I remember Eve complaining about it). It frustrated me because I loved Warhammer 40k so much but I absolutely hated the painting process.

Honestly, it’s why I stayed with the same army list for so long because I just didn’t have time to buy a new one and paint it all. There was no way I could justify taking hours upon hours a day just to paint an army when I already had a perfectly good one ready. It wasn’t until I learned from Aaron Lovejoy that I discovered the exact techniques to not only speed up my painting process significantly, but have my miniatures being worthy enough to win medals. 

That’s why I decided to hire Aaron Lovejoy to create a 14 day painting challenge which will teach you everything you need to know to paint faster while having your miniatures still look beautiful. Don’t just hear it from me, see what others who have taken the challenge have to say!

Click here to join the others and discover how to make your miniatures look stunning as well: https://www.14daypaintingchallenge.com. See you on the challenge!

As always a big thanks to Games Workshop for allowing us to use photos from their website!

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