Everything We Know About Non-Codex Astartes Errata


The Space Marines have gotten a lot of new special rules. But mostly for the 8 most loyal chapters. Until now. Non-codex chapters now have erratas that bring them up to par with the new Space Marines.

New Usable and Improved Units

All the new units in the new Codex: Space Marines will be available to Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Dark Angels. Plus the Deathwatch get access to the Repulsor Executioner as well. But there also are a number of changes to units for these armies.

One is that the Drop Pod now gets to arrive turn one universally. For Intercessors auto bolt rifles are now assault 3 and stalker bolt rifles are now 2 damage. Also gravis-armored models have an extra wound and the flamestorm cannons have a range of 12”. Don’t forget that all Adeptus Astartes units benefit from Shock Assault.

Special Characters

Although they don’t have their own Codex Supplement yet. The Imperial Fists and Salamanders are getting a little love early. Captain Lysander and Vulkan He’stan now have new datasheets.

Heretic Astartes

But not only have the noble Adeptus Astartes got all the fun. Heretic Astartes also get the Shock Assault special rule. However it’s called Hateful Assault which is a nice touch.

In Conclusion

No matter which style of Space Marine you run there now are new toys to play with. There’s still lots to come but either way this should lead to some interesting nights at the game table.
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