Could this image be teasing a new unit?!


A recent image from the warhammer community’s weekly teasing of their newest item has got fans and players everywhere wondering: What is it?
The teaser this time is quite gripping because it resembles a grip for a weapon or vehicle of some kind, with the valve being reminiscent of either a motorcycle clutch or a flamethrower!

Here’s our three possible candidate for this curious image:

  1. Genestealer Cult – The industrial look of that weapon handle is quite fitting for this faction, especially considering the fact that we’re bound to be getting new models soon. However, Adeptus Mechanicus also sports the same vibe and style, especially the hazard lines designed on those handles.

  1. Adeptus Mechanicus – We just got a wave of releases for these giant robots but even GW can’t get enough of them as evidenced by their relentless release of new Adeptus Mechanicus related stuff recently. Who knows, this could be an additional model for everyone’s favorite faction.

  1. Orks – with the recent announcement of their upcoming codex, we aren’t too farfetched for speculating. Besides, the handle in the teaser image somewhat resembles the Ork’s arsenal. However, the handle looks a bit neatly built – a far cry from the Ork’s brand and style. It also lacks tribal look, but who knows?

What do you think it is? Drop a line below and let the guessing game begin! 🙂

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