Chapter Approved Updates: Narrative Play Overview!


As much fun as it is to rain hell down on your opponent without any major backstory, the world of 40K wouldn’t be nearly as amazing as it is without its intricate storyline.
For years, fans have adored the complex lore and history of the 40K universe, and have often used Narrative play as a way to tell their own stories and add their personal touches to the ever-growing 40K universe.
With the new Chapter Approved just over the horizon, we’re seeing a number of changes into the world of narrative gameplay! We’ve got a rundown of the biggest shake-ups below!

One of the biggest changes to narrative gameplay in the new Chapter Approved is Battle Honours. If you’re like most of us here at NATGT, and you love DnD just as much as Warhammer, then you’re in for a treat. Battle Honours allows players to gain experience and level up their units. Over time, your standard troops can easily grow into an elite, battle-hardened fighting force with a ton of campaigns under their belt.

As they get tougher, you’ll be able to upgrade your units with a variety of new skills, making them more resilient, better at popping headshots on enemies in cover, or even making your vehicle crews capable of stunts that would even make the Fast & The Furious crew jealous!

Of course, having your own band of tough-as-nails veterans if they don’t have anything to do! So, GW is providing players with six all-new missions to try out! The main theme of this series is “Cities Of Death”, focusing on brutal urban warfare and close-range skirmishes as armies fight to take over a city block-by-block.

One of these exciting new campaigns is Thunder Run, which mimics classic siege warfare through the use of two massive deployment zones. From there, it becomes a mad dash to cross no-man’s land and push past your opponent’s forces to victory!
Once these new missions are fully released, players everywhere will be able to lead their armies through amazing campaigns that rival anything the Warhammer world has to offer! Be sure to check out all these updates when Chapter Approved drops, and also stay up-to-date with all Chapter Approved news right here on the NATGT Blog!

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