Black Templars Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Codex Overview and Tactics Guide


Primarch Rogal Dorn and the Imperial Fists’ gene-seeds carry on in the Black Templars Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Codex army. Originating from the Horus Heresy era, the Black Templars have been on an unending crusade–the longest crusade known to the Imperium of Man, lasting over ten centuries. 

What makes Black Templars Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Codex different from other Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines) forces? They worship the Emperor as a literal god. This sets them more in step with the Imperial Cult’s mortals.

Described as “dour champions,” the Black Templars do not use Imperial Fists’ rules. However, they get their own rule set and have unique strengths and tactical advantages. With no homeworld of their own per Sigimund’s wishes, Black Templars establish chapter keeps on other worlds to bolster recruitment, muster fleets and Chapters, and maintain strongholds.

Champions of “mystique and resonance,” 

Now, let’s find out if you should be playing Black Templar Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Codex!

Play 9th Edition Warhammer Black Templars If You…

Emperor’s Holy Knight by d1sarmon1a

Enjoy custom litanies: Black Templars’ chaplains have some especially effective litanies.

Want a quickly-advancing force: Black Templars move to quickly engage the enemy in close combat.

Prefer melee combat: Once they are in close range, Black Templars are at their most effective, launching a close-range assault on their opponents.

Love screaming a rallying battle cry: For example, “For the glory of the Emperor!” The Black Templars’ history is underscored by the constancy of loyalty to the Emperor and cause. 

Like the look of a regal army and want to paint with blacks and metallics.

Want to play an army that is resilient against Psykers.

Like some units that will chain their weapons to the gauntlets, fighting til the bitter end.

Are fascinated by the concept of crusading through the galaxy for the Emperor.

Would like to play an army that is rabidly loyal to the Emperor, advancing at all costs in the name of victory. 

Prefer the lore of bringing light to impure and dark spaces.

Like all things grimdark, including grimdark warrior-knights.

Black Templars follow the following creed:

“What is your life?

My honour is my life.

What is your fate?

My duty is my fate.

What is your fear?

My fear is to fail.

What is your reward?

My salvation is my reward.

What is your craft?

My craft is death.

What is your pledge?

My pledge is to eternal service.”

Source: Warhammer 40,000, Codex Armageddon, by Andy Chambers, Jervis Johnson, and Gavin Thorpe. Produced by Games Workshop, 2000. Page 22.

Black Templars 9th Edition Codex Warhammer Stratagems

black templars warhammer 40k minis
Black Templars Full view by BlackPhallanxStudio

Black Templars Battle Tactic Stratagems

Devout Push

What it looks like: Using a zealous battle cry, the Black Templars press ardently forward to engage in the thick of combat in pursuit of victory.

How it works: Use this Stratagem on a selected Black Templars Character or Black Templars Core unit in your army. You must do this during the beginning of the Fight phase. Choose one of the following:

If your selected unit isn’t within an enemy unit’s Engagement Range, you can execute a normal move of 3 inches or less with that unit. Your move must end either closer to the nearest objective marker or closer to the nearest enemy unit. 

If your selected unit is within any enemy units’ Engagement Range, you can make a pile-in move with your selected unit.

Cost: 1 CP

Vicious Riposte

What it looks like: Using an eye-for-an-eye approach, the Black Templars pursue their divine Emperor’s enemies with force matching force, even if they are otherwise at a disadvantage. 

How it works: Choose a single Black Templars Core unit in your army. Deploy this Stratagem at the start of the Fight phase. Until the end of the Fight phase, whenever a model does not explode after it is destroyed in a melee attack, roll a single D6. If you get 5 or greater, the enemy combatant model takes 1 mortal wound once its attack is complete. Each unit can suffer no more than 6 mortal wounds per phase due to the use of this Stratagem. 

Cost: 1 CP

Crusader’s Wrath

What it looks like: The Black Templars Army has a massive amount of collective fervor, which it harnesses and channels into their forceful strikes, cleaving enemy beings in two. 

How it works: Deploy this Stratagem when the Assault doctrine is active for your Black Templars during your Command phase. Whenever a Black Templars model in your army attacks with a Melee or Pistol weapon, add +1 to your Armour Penetration characteristic; this only applies on unmodified 6 wound roll. This Stratagem lasts until the beginning of your next Command phase. Although you may only use this Stratagem one time, it’s cumulative with your Assault Doctrine bonus.

Cost: 2 CP

Black Templars Epic Deed Stratagem

Bombastic Delivery

What it looks like: The Chaplains’ heroic voices produce overtones that ring over the battle, inspiring the Black Templars to do their best in combat.

How it works: Choose a Black Templars Chaplain to recite a litany in your Command phase. Without rolling, one litany your chosen Black Templars Chaplain recites is automatically inspiring, and the unit gets an extra litany during this Command phase.

Cost: 2 CP

Black Templars Requisition Stratagems

Revered Repositories

What it looks like: The stores of the Black Templars’ crusade ships are filled with sacred artefacts and blessed weapons. 

How it works: Use this Stratagem when you muster your army prior to the battle. Choose a single Black Templars model with “Sword Brother” or “Sergeant” in its profile. This chosen “Sergeant” or “Sword Brother” Black Templars model, though they are not a Character, can have one of these Relics of the Eternal Crusade:

Sword of Judgement

Skull of the Cacodominus

Witchseeker Bolts

Master-Crafted Weapon

Digital Weapons

Limitations to this Black Templars Stratagem: You cannot use this Stratagem to provide more than one Relic to any one Black Templar. Every Relic in your army needs to be unique. You can only use this Stratagem one time.

Cost: 1 CP

Heir of Sigismund

What it looks like: Sigismund the exemplary strategist is a hero  in the mind of every Black Templar. Every Black Templar army wishes to emulate his example, gaining glory and legacy.

How it works: Choose a non-named Black Templars Character to be a Warlord prior to using this Stratagem. Use an extra Warlord Trait from the Black Templars Warlord Traits table. Remember: every Warlord Trait used in your army has to be unique, so if you randomly generate the Warlord Trait re-roll. You may only use this Stratagem one time.

Cost: 1 CP

Champion of the Feast

What it looks like: In an attempt to overtake the successes of other Imperial Fist successors, Black Templar warriors train for endurance, strength, and bravery.

How it works: Prior to the start of your battle, choose a single Black Templars model with “Sword Brother” or “Sergeant” in their profile. Grant a +1 to that model’s Attacks and Wounds characteristic. Give a +1 to the Black Templars model’s Weapon Skill characteristic. You may only use this Stratagem one time.

Cost: 1 CP

Black Templars Codex Strategic Ploy Stratagems

Warhammer 40k Black Templar by Hekkoto

Abhor the Witch

What it looks like: The Black Templars seethe in their hatred of sorcery. They feel so strongly in this hatred that they are less vulnerable to psychic attacks.

How it works: This Stratagem is for use during your opponent’s Psychic phase and can be deployed after they pass a Psychic test for a Psyker unit, and after any Deny the Witch attempt. If you have any Black Templars units within 24 inches of the enemy Psyker, roll a D6. If you get a 4 or higher, the psychic power is canceled. 

Cost: 1 CP

Black Templars 40k Wargear Stratagems

Heretic’s Pyre

What it looks like: Valiant crusaders vanquish enemies; they are worthy to carry the holy flame weapons to force the enemy to feel the purification of fire.

How it works: This Stratagem is for use during the Shooting phase. The Stratagem goes into play at the beginning of your Shooting phase and lasts until the end of it. Use this Stratagem with a single Black Templars Core unit in your army. When active:

Whenever a flame weapon from the selected unit targets a unit consisting of 11 models or more, make the maximum number of possible attacks instead of rolling dice to randomly determine the amount of attacks made.

When a flame weapon from your selected Black Templars Core unit targets a unit that consists of 6-10 models, it makes no less than 3 attacks.

Cost: 1 CP if your selected unit is not a Mk X Gravis unit / 2 CP if selected unit is a Mk X Gravis unit

Incendiary Shells

What it looks like: Neophytes labor to carry shells into battle. These shells ignite foes with their explosive cores, igniting the Emperor’s wrath on their target. 

How it works: This Stratagem is for use during your Shooting Phase. Choose a Black Templars unit capable of shooting. Whenever a model in your selected Black Templars unit attacks with an Astartes shotgun, assign it a Damage characteristic of 2. This Stratagem lasts until the end of the Shooting phase. 

Cost: 1 CP

Given the new Stratagems available in the Black Templar Warhammer 40k 9th edition Codex, what do you think about Black Templars and their righteous, unending crusade? Can you execute the concept in play? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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