Battle Report: The Grot Horde vs. Tyranids


If you’ve enjoyed our videos on Youtube or Facebook, you’d know by now how much Eve loves her Necrons. Her typical army would consist of Tomb Blades, Destroyers, and Lady Lords. In fact, she is hailed as the “Queen of Necrons” as she and her Tesseract Vault are a force to be reckoned with in the battlefield.
In the most recent episode of the NAGT, as always, Kevin brings his familiar band of 150 Grotz. This rampaging gang of gnomes from hell are backed up by a Squad of Custom Mega Cannons, as well as a Warboss, Painboy, and Runtherd who are using the trademark Ork civility to keep them in line.

On the opposite side of the battlefield, Eve is leading an entirely different army. In her feat to branch out and become the Queen of Xenos overall, she brings in the Tyranids. In this battle, she’ll be bringing in High Fleet of Krakens, backed by three Hive Flyrant with one of them being her warlord, Termagants, and a Ripper Swarm.

At the start of the game, Kevin didn’t waste any time and immediately went for the kill, aiming his custom mega cannons at Eve’s Flyrant, knocking one down before his turn ended.

What Kevin wasn’t fully aware of was that Eve’s Flyrant warlord has a trait that could make wounds work towards their advantage – Adaptive Biology is what they call it. Once it gets hurt in the game, it will only be getting 1 wound per shots in the succeeding phases. This made Kevin’s job tougher than it already was. Everything went downhill when he got one unlucky roll, slimming down his chances of knocking Eve’s main hard-hitting squad.

Eve eventually hits back and her Flyrants were on a rampage! Having the upper hand, it’s going to be easy for her to go on a killing spree!  
Kevin looks to be in trouble in this game. Will he be able to find his way out of this tricky situation? After all, if you’ve been watching us on Youtube and Facebook, we always see him WAAARGH his way out of difficult situations in the battlefield.
Can Eve and her Flyrant stop Kevin’s reign of madness once and for all? Can Kevin and his battalion of over 150 Grotz steamroll their way to victory this time?
Watch the video to find out!


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