Battle Report: Orks vs. Blood Angels!


It’s rematch time!
After seeing Greg take down Eve in last week’s episode, Mike from Grimdark Games has asked for a rematch against Kevin’s Ork forces. Neither of them are going to be pulling any punches, and it’s time to see if the Orks defeating the Blood Angels can be repeated this week!

For anyone who watches the show regularly, Kevin’s army will likely be very familiar to them by now. Not only is he bringing his lethal artillery detachment of Six Custom Mega Cannons, he’s also supplementing this by two Big Tracks bristling with scorchers for some guaranteed hits! When combined with a set of Burner Boys and a single squad of Grotz (arguably the survivors from his long campaign with the Grot Horde), Kevin looks to be prepared for just about anything.

The question is, of course, is he actually prepared for the Emperor’s most bloodthirsty legion, the Blood Angels? He better be, because Mike is coming fully loaded with a squad of Scout Bikers for some fast attacks! To make matters worse, he’s also got two squads of intercessors, a platoon of scouts, two Slam Captains, a Devastator Squad, and the legendary Death Company! If Kevin’s not careful, these rabid troops will rip through his Orks like tissue paper!

Kevin takes the first turn, moving his Big Tracks up Mike’s right flank to allow them a clear line of sight to Mike’s Devastators. The Grotz are holding position on the objective marker, where the Big Mek takes cover behind the Tracks, allowing them to benefit from his force field.
An initial barrage of fire from the Tracks and Cannons knocks out several of the Devastators, while another round of Cannon Fire blows apart a handful of the Intercessors.
However, Mike doesn’t let that slow him down, and begins his turn by moving his Death Company into a fortified position, while also putting them close enough to the Big Track to open fire!

Mike also puts his bikes on Grot duty, hoping to run down the nasty little gnomes before they can bring their guns to bear! From there, he begins firing, sending several blasts of buckshot into the Big Mek’s face while also demolishing one of the Mega Cannons. Finally, after dealing some additional close-combat damage onto the Tracks, the remainder of Mike’s forces charge the Big Mek, intending to take both it and its force field down as fast as possible!
At the end of the first turn, both players have taken a few hits, but they’re more than ready for the next round! Will the Orks overwhelm the Blood Angels, or will Mike’s forces be feasing on Ork blood at the end of the day?
Watch the episode below to find out!

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