Battle Report: Necrons vs. Death Guard


It’s flu season here at Nights At The Game Table! Jonathan from FNP Wargamers brought his Death Guard to Wargamescon with the intent of infecting the entire NATGT crew, but the Queen of The Necrons is out to put a stop to the infestation once and for all!
In this brutal battle, we’ll see whether Eve’s venerable androids can stand up to this new and unfamiliar opponent, or whether they too will fall under the Death Guard’s wrath and come down with the sickness!


Eve, as always, is bringing her formidable army of Necrons! These soulless killing machines have completely demolished a slew of powerful opponents, and have now set their sights on eradicating the Death Guard virus!
We’re seeing a lot of familiar (and terrifying) faces in Eve’s army today, and her veteran forces will be giving this new opponent everything they’ve got!
Eve has brought her two favorite squads of Tomb Blades, and they’re planning on delivering plenty of spinning death to their sickly opponents!

And when you combine these famous Blades with her additional assortment of Destroyers, Immortals, and the ever-present Lady Lord, any NATGT veteran will know that the Death Guard are in for a hell of a fight! Even their plague-infested might may not be enough to keep Eve’s resurrecting warriors down for long!


Jonathan is making his debut on Nights At The Game Table this week, and he’s confident that his terrifying battalion of Death Guard will prove to be a lethal infection for Eve’s forces.

His units are led by Typhus, the formidable (and disgusting) Chaos Lord of the Death Guard. This decrepit veteran will be leading the charge of a whopping 50 Poxwalkers, backed up by the support of a Tallyman and a Plague Surgeon; they’ll be doing everything they can to keep this foul army in line as they square off against the Necrons!

Of course, if this wasn’t bad enough, Jonathan is also bringing two Plagueburst crawlers, which can send a ball of acrid death and destruction onto the Necrons from clear across the map. You wouldn’t think that the Necrons would be hurt by diseases, but even THEY can fall victim to the bile that the Death Guards will be leaking out of every pore!

The Game

The name of the game this week is Supply Cache, with both armies battling over what meager rations are left over on this desolate, war-torn planet! It’s like a classic game of “keep away”, but filled with disease-ridden psychopaths in eight foot tall power armor and nigh-unstoppable androids with no sense of empathy or mercy. Fun stuff!

Eve takes the first turn, moving her Tomb Blades into shooting range as they all congregate on the top of a long-abandoned shed like vultures waiting for the kill!

The Destroyers advance as well, moving to an elevated firing position overlooking the swamp as they bring their mighty guns to bear!

Finally, a squad of Immortals move up into the swamp, taking cover as they prepare to ambush the infected Space Marines standing in their way!
Once her forces moved into position, Eve unleashed an absolute onslaught onto the Poxwalkers, with a barrage of fire from the Tomb Blades and Destroyers decimating one squad and beginning to chip away at another!
However, she was NOT successful in seriously damaging any of Jonathan’s stronger forces, and as his first turn rolls around, it looks like Typhus and the Plagueburst crawlers will be wreaking unholy vengeance about the Necron’s forces!
Will these plague-ridden monstrosities be able to spread their influence over the battlefield, or will the Queen Of The Necrons provide the long-awaited cure to the Death Guard menace?
To find out, click the episode below!

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