Battle Report: Deathwatch vs a LOT of Orks!


Anyone who’s been watching Nights At The Game Table for a while will instantly know Kevin, our very own Ork Warboss. The longtime fan-favorite has always delighted fans with his aggressive fighting style and strict adherence to Ork culture (little secret from the staff here at NATGT: He talks like that in the office as well.)
In true Ork fashion, Kevin’s gotten fed up with Adam’s Deathwatch forces stomping over all his opponents, and has decided to deliver some justice…Ork style!

To do this, he’s put together the largest army that NATGT has ever seen, with a swarm of over 150 Grotz intent on ripping Adam’s heavily-armored forces to pieces.

Despite his army relying mainly on their strength in numbers, Kevin IS using a bit of strategy in dividing his units into four main squads, with the intent to overwhelm Adam’s larger units before they can bring their guns to bear. Or, as the Orks would put it: “YOU BOYZ GROUP UP AND CHARGE THE BIG’UN!”
Despite this, Adam isn’t intimidated in the slightest, as his signature Leviathan Dreadnought has stomped countless opponents into the dust before; what harm could a swarm of three-foot-tall grunts do? Of course, he’s still taking the smart approach, backing up his mech with a Razorback, a squad of frag cannons, Intercessors, and the tag-team pairing of a Watch Master and a Watch Captain! It’s the same army that has slaughtered hordes of other forces, and he’s looking to do the same with everyone’s favorite green-skinned boyz.

The name of the game today is Take and Hold, where both armies are charged with seizing a command point in the center of the battlefield, and fighting tooth and nail to keep it under their control while also defending the command point in their deployment zone as well. Will Kevin’s larger force allow him to spread across the map and cover both, or will Adam’s superior firepower allow him to keep the Grotz from taking over?
Kevin takes the first turn, moving his bundle of Weird Boyz up to the center command point while using his Grotz regiments to literally wall off several of the major openings.
Things quickly descend into absurdity during the shooting phase, with the laws of probability stating that, while each grot isn’t the most accurate or powerful unit in the world, the sheer number of hits begin to chew away at Adam’s forces, turning his Razorback into a pile of rubble. During the charge phase, however, Adam quickly rallies, with his overwatch strikes pushing back the charge and offing a handful of the grots.

Kevin was not happy about it.

As Adam’s turn approaches, he begins slowly turning the guns of his massive Dreadnought towards the army of grotz. But will he have enough bullets to take on well over a hundred enemies?
Click the episode below to find out!

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