Battle Report: Blood Ravens Vs Tyranids


It’s out with the old, in with the new here on Nights At The Game Table! Following the shocking loss of Nick Nanavati to Kevin O’Connor last week, we’ve decided to mix things up a bit! We’ve got two all-new players, Raul and Matt, fighting a fierce Glory Seeker battle in the middle of our WargamesCon extravaganza! Both of these players are seasoned 40K veterans, and the sparks are flying between the Blood Ravens and the Tyranids in our latest episode!

For his debut appearance on Nights At The Game table, Matt is bringing an army of Blood Ravens under the command of Chapter Master Gabriel Angelos!

In this infantry-heavy force, Matt has come equipped with a set of Scouts for fast-moving hit-and-run attacks, as well as several squads of Hellblasters and Intercessors to handle the heavy lifting!

Raul, on the other hand, is bringing the full force of Hive Fleet Kraken to the battle! The highlight of his army is his set of 3 vicious Carnifex Troops, featuring 2 Screamer Killers and the legendary Old One Eye! In addition, he’s also bringing two full squads of warriors AND a set of the ever-present Termagants to cause trouble for anyone who gets too focused on the massive Carnifex units!

Of course, to make matters worse, he’s also bringing 20 of the Tyranid’s most famous, and arguably most terrifying force: The infamous GeneStealers!

With these horrifying organic warriors in his army, Raul will have everything he needs to swarm the board and take down the Blood Ravens!
The Game:
Matt begins the game by stealing the initiative from under Raul’s nose, deploying several of his Intercessors to strike from the shadows and catch the Tyranids’ left flank off-guard. Angelos moves into position for a charge, while the remaining Hellblasters and Intercessors take up defensive positions to provide a storm of cover fire against any Tyranids dumb enough to walk in their path.
With his troops positioned, Matt opens fire with the Intercessors, ripping through several Genestealers and depleting Raul’s reserves! He follows this up with a wave of fire from the Scouts, wiping an entire squad of Termagants off the map!

Matt rounds out his turn with some good ol’ fashioned smashing from Gabriel Angelos, taking down even more Genestealers with his trademark Swing Attack!

At the end of Matt’s first turn, Raul has already lost several major units in his army. However, with Old One-Eye and the Carnifex waiting in the wings, he still has more than enough firepower in his grasp.
The real question is…what will happen when Old One-Eye and Gabriel Angelos go head-to-head? To find out, check out the episode below!


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