April 2019 Big FAQ Addendum Breakdown- Nights At The Game Table


Well ladies and gentlemen it seems like we have an FAQ…. for April’s FAQ. While this does seem strange at first glance, this is actually Games Workshop doing due diligence on their rules. The April FAQ caused some rules conflicts but this helps clear them up. So, why don’t we dive in.

Warhammer Rulebook Changes

Ok, the first change is to how stratagems work in “out of turn actions”. Its worth noting that abilities, warlord traits, ect. still take effect during “out of turn actions. So a re-roll aura from your chaos lord would still work if you shoot during your opponents turn with a stratagem. As for stratagems, it seems that you may not use them outside their intended phase. For example, Veterans of the long war works in the shooting or fight phase, and adds +1 to wound rolls. The new FAQ means that if you were to make a shooting attack in one of your opponents turns, you would not be able to use veterans of the long war to add +1 to your wound rolls. So if a stratagem specifies when you can use it, then you can ONLY use it in that phase or phases explicitly stated.
The other change is to the counter-offensive stratagem. However, this is more of a clarification than an outright change (with the exception of the paroxysm FAQ Nids had going for them) . Now, even if there is an ability that forces a unit to fight last, you can in fact use the counter-offensive stratagem to effectively bypass it.

Tau Changes

These ones are pretty simple, so lets start with the first one. This one is really just saying that the fireblade’s ability to add an extra shot works for each model when firing at a target WITHIN half range. Keep in mind this an extra shot per model, so gun drones don’t get two extra shots for having two guns. The next one is an inclusion of the Hammerhead keyword to longstrike himself so that he benefits from his own aura. Lastly, a specification on when you declare which units are firing overwatch as part of the For The Greater Good ability. Now, you must declare all units that are firing overwatch at the same time.

Deathwatch Changes

So the first one is riding on the heels of the big change that came to special issue ammunition. Special Issue ammunition still works off the rules for rapid fire weapons stated in the rulebook. The wargear changes are straightforward, setting restrictions on what veterans can take.

Space Wolves Changes

Allrighty then, this one is a nice little clarification. If a model in your squad is wearing terminator Armor… it counts as a model in terminator armor as far as keywords go and the restrictions or benefits it brings. for example, you cant stuff a blood claw squad with a wolf guard terminator in a Rhino.

The conclusion 

These are actually nice clarifications. Sometimes the wording on these FAQs can be a little too… broad. The bigger of the clarifications was the one about using stratagems for out of phase actions. There are quite a few ways to take actions on your opponents turns, and a few can combo with some nasty stratagems. Mostly, it feels like this was aimed at Chaos Space Marine players. Combining an out of sequence shooting phase with the ability to shoot a second time and then add +1 to wound rolls is more than a little crazy. All in all this small change makes the game a little more balanced and avoids too much n the way of shenanigans.
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