All-New Game Releases from GenCon!


Today marks the first day of GenCon, one of the world’s biggest and best gaming conventions! And GW is starting things off with a bang!
The convention’s only been going for a few hours, but we’ve already seen a bundle of all-new games that Warhammer fans are sure to love! We’ve got Adam and Eve, two of our most popular players, getting the scoop on all the awesome new releases!
We’ve got a rundown for the most exciting games below, so be sure to look and see which one you’ll be adding to your wishlist!

Adeptus Titanicus:

Everyone’s favorite gigantic war machines are back in an all-new box set, coming fully equipped with 2 warlords, a hard-bound rulebook, and a ton of other cool goodies to make sure these bipedal instruments of death will be stomping around in the Horus Heresy era in no time!


Death. It’s a constant companion in the Warhammer world, and most warriors will try to avoid it as long as possible…

…Except in DoomSeeker, the all-new game from Ninja Division! Here, players will be competing to die the most gloriously infamous death possible! Because what fun is dying if there’s nobody around to curse your name when you’re gone?

Space Marine Adventures

For fans of cooperative board games such as Pandemic and Dead of Winter, you will HAVE to try out this new 40K spinoff! You and your team will control a squad of elite Adeptus Astartes as you descend into a Necron hellhole, and it will take every ounce of teamwork you have to make it out alive!

Blitz Bowl:

What do you get when you combine the absolute carnage of the 40K universe, the smaller, fast-paced action of Kill Team, and the team spirit of Blood Bowl? Well, Blitz Bowl of course!

Blitz Bowl is designed as a fast-paced offshoot of the ever-popular Blood Bowl, combining Football strategies with gladiatorial combat in a way that promises to leave the gridiron soaked in blood!
With these and many more awesome games coming out soon, players everywhere will be clamoring to try them all out! We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any new games and new developments throughout the weekend at GenCon! Be sure to leave a comment telling us what game you’re most excited for!

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