Adam Vs. Eve: The DeathWatch vs. the Necrons.


This week at Nights At The Game Table, the Queen of the Necrons is taking on the King of the Deathwatch! It’ll be a knock-down, drag-out brawl in this Kill The Courier match, making this the boyfriend-girlfriend battle you do NOT want to miss!
The Necron Queen is adhering to the classic mantra of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and his bringing her reliable army of Immortals, Destroyers, and Tomb Blades, with a Lady Lord leading the charge as always. Her resurrecting horrors have been almost unstoppable in the past, with their mobility, firepower, and outright refusal to stay dead making them a complete nightmare to deal with.

Knowing what he was going up against, Adam made sure to bring as much firepower as he possibly could. In addition to a Watch Master, Watch Captain, and Frag Cannons, Adam has completed his army with a squad of Primaris Intercessors and a tough-as-nails Leviathan Dreadnought. It was time to see if sheer firepower would be the solution to taking down the Necron army.

However, as the battle kicked off, Eve focused on the tactical aspect, using Veil of Darkness to teleport her courier away from the fight rather than risking an all-out assault. Thanks to her Immortals’ resurrection abilities, she was confident that they could hold Adam’s forces at bay long enough to keep the courier safe.
Adam was quick to counter with a tactical decision of his own, splitting his forces and sending his Intercessors after the courier while the Dreadnought stomped towards Eve’s forces. When the dust cleared, the Intercessors were closing in, and the Dreadnought had left a number of Destroyers and Tomb Blades as nothing more than smoking husks.

With the clock ticking down, would Eve’s courier be able to avoid Adam’s forces long enough to turn the tables, or would the sheer might of the Deathwatch prove too much for Eve’s fierce band of ghouls?
To find out, click the link below to see who emerges the victor!

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