Exclusive One Time Sale on Nights Pro Coaching!


Hello all! If you were ever on the fence with my pro coaching packages, now is the best time to jump in! To celebrate the team up between The Brown Magic and Nights at the Game Table we’re doing a JUNE ONLY SALE for the Nights Pro Coaching!
Typically Nights pro membership costs $97/month which is equivalent to $1164/year, however for the month of June only we’re making  deal for you which is 77/month so only $924. That’s a savings of $240 for the year!
But wait, there’s more! If you decide to purchase a full year at once, the total cost will  be $797!  A total savings of $367! I mean, how can you not be on board for that!
Here’s just a tidbit of what you get for becoming a Nights PRO!
-Weekly live meta analysis with Nick Nanavati!
-4 weekly Clinics with Nick Nanavat, covering Imperial, Aeldari, Chaos, and other Xenos tactics and strategies!
-Weekly private exclusive live streamed battle reports with explanations of WHY top players make the decisions they make in games!
-A personalized list and phone call
-Heavy discounts on GW models
And so much more…
For more information on Nights Pro and how to join visit us at http://page.nightsatthegametable.com/nightspro

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