4 Tips For Overcoming Overwatch!


Most people don’t appreciate how devastating overwatch can be to your game.
I’ve lost track of the amount of players I’ve seen who have lost a game due to “lucky” overwatch.

Statistically speaking, 1 in 6 plasma are gonna connect. flamers are almost always gonna connect.
However, despite what some players might say, you don’t have to just “accept overwatch”
You can do A LOT about it.
This seems obvious, but it’s amazing how few people do it.
Here’s the thing.
Overwatch is like giving your opponent a free shooting phase. Even if it is on a lower Ballistic skill, re-rolls, luck and command points can make it nasty!
So here’s a few ways to dodge overwatch.

1) Charge From Behind Cover.

Overwatch cant hit what it can’t see. Infantry can walk through walls… (seriously, I don’t make the rules, I just follow them.)
This means you can declare a charge from one side of the wall to a unit on the other and connect, but their overwatch won’t be able to see you!

2) Charge From 9 inches Away.

This isn’t the perfect option, but with command point rerolls letting you pick and choose the lower dice to reroll, and the amount of units that can reroll Failed charges or add 1 to charge rolls…it’s not impossible.
But it does leave you out of range of pesky flamers meaning they don’t get to hit you!

3) Send in a vehicle.

Seriously, this is my favorite fluffy movement in 40k!
Charge a vehicle into a wall of guardsmen… the fire overwatch… do NOTHING as they need double 6’s to hit and wound, and then you have to fail a save… and then you have 10+ wounds!
Then they don’t get to overwatch you when you charge with a different CC unit.
This dedicated CC unit then wipes out the enemy over your turn, (and your opponents if needed to end stragglers) and then the tank is free from CC again, when it’s back to your next turn.
Plus how cool is it to imagine everyone freaking out and running for cover as a vehicle tries to run into them.. and they fail to notice the CC unit closing in…. just me?

4) Send In The Infantry!

Like the previous tactic… but if you’ve got to charge something with minimum shots at STR 10 and you want to get your dreadnought in there, don’t risk it getting shot on overwatch, charge in some infantry and let them take the hits.
Hopefully this helps you step up your game play a little and gets you to think a little more tactically about the more intimidating aspects of the Fight phase.
Have fun!
This article was based on a popular Facebook post by our esteemed leader, Adam Lyons. To see more great content just like this, join us on the NATGT Facebook Page!

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