3 Ways To Fit More Gaming In Your Schedule!

We’ve got another great article for you from our esteemed leader, Adam Lyons! Adam’s always on the move, so he wanted to share his thoughts on the best ways to fit more Warhammer into a busy schedule.
One of the biggest issues people tell us they struggle with in regards to their Warhammer hobby is finding time to play.
The problem is that once you become an adult it’s hard to prioritize “play time”. You’ve got jobs, chores, responsibilities and more that all have a higher priority than “play”
However I’m going to share with you not only 3 ways to get more gaming in…. but they’ll actually make it easier for you to achieve more in your life!
A bold claim… but bare with me.

1) Use it to bond with people you should be spending more time with.

Below, we’ve got a snapshot of a miniature that my son wanted.

We were browsing a game store and he decided he loved it and wanted it for a group dnd session.
So, I bought it for him.
After two weeks of playing the game, the GM cancelled the sessions and my son was left without a regular game.
Yet here I am… fully capable of running dnd and have done so for years… and I was letting my son go to someone else’s game because “I was too busy.”
Instead, I painted up his mini to a decent standard, and told him we’d be starting a campaign for Christmas with just our family.
Instead of sitting at home and watching tv, we’ll be playing dnd again (even though I LOVE playing 40K with them all the time, it’s always fun to mix it up with something different!)
Using your hobby to bond with friends, co workers or family members makes it more than just about gaming and it’s easier to motivate yourself to do it.

2) Use it as a reward.

Got a task you’ve been putting off for ever?
Got someone bugging you to get it done?
Set up a game as a reward.
On completing the task, you get 4 hours of uninterrupted gaming time at a set point in the future.
This will motivate you to complete more tasks, and get more gaming in.
It’s common knowledge that, for most people, a task will stretch to the time you have available.
If you’ve got 8 hours to get something done, chances are it’ll take 8 hours.
But, if you’ve got 4 hours to get it done, and a 4 hour game afterwards, you’ll get the task done in half the time!

3) Use it to network.

This is really outside of the box thinking… but it WILL work.
Start a Meetup group tailored to gamers in a specific industry you want to network with.
Such as realtors who play board games or Insurance reps who game
This will identify people who you should be networking with for your job or industry… and help you find a common ground with them.
This works exceptionally well at work conventions! You would be surprised how many successful professionals are gamers.
You’re at a tech convention?
Organize the unofficial Warhammer gaming evening at the local game store during the event.
It’ll make it easy to find “your people”
And lets you network around the hobby we all love!
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