3 Essential Rules To Playing Warhammer On The Road!

Here at Nights At The Game Table, we film a LOT of episodes of Warhammer.
And our games played during our travels across the world are easily some of the most popular. Whether we’re at Niagara Falls, or in the middle of Hong Kong, there’s never a bad time for a game!
Because of that, we’ve had a number of fans asking for the best way to do the same thing!
And while I’m traveling across Asia I figured I’d share my 3 rules to play Warhammer 40,000 while traveling!

Rule 1: Explain to your family/friends/loved ones it’s a good idea.

This is probably the most important rule of them all. Explaining to your travel partners it’s a good idea.
You’ve got 2 options.
Either you’ve got to be traveling with someone who plays.
You’ve got to have an intention to go to a local game store to play a game with a local.
The second is the easier one to achieve. After all, it doesn’t affect anyone else’s holiday.
In this scenario you simply tell your travel partners that you have a goal to play a game with a local and you’ve achieved step 1.
In the first scenario, you need to discuss the idea of playing a game while traveling.
The easiest way is to suggest that on, a couple of nights, you’re bound to get bored and be looking for something to do.
Do you like the idea of bringing some basic things to play, for a small game in a cool location. Outside in a park, or in a cool game cafe or something similar.

Or even in the hotel room if you end up sitting around with a few hours to spare.
Once you’ve gotten this done, you’re on to rule 2.

Rule 2: Pack The Essentials.

You want to pack super light. I like everything fitting into one Warhammer army case.

This means you’re really trying to bring Elite infantry.
You’ll notice in our travel videos like the one at Niagara falls, and in the Bahamas we played low model count armies.
In fact our love of playing while traveling is why most of our armies are built the way they are.
Even the gaming stores we film at are 1-2 hours from where we live.
They may not be the most effective builds…. but they’re easy to play, they have few minis, and often have the cool fun rules to use.
Of course, always make sure to bring a measuring tape as well!

And then terrain is easy. I like the ruins from Moonbase Klaisus they split apart, are only the size of infantry, and still look cool.

We have a rule where the square we build between the ruins counts as cover.
We often combine this with grabbing random items from whatever location we’re at for line blocking scenery.
Though we’re also a huge fan of building terrain in the sand! For a fun cool environment.
We will bury rocks under the sand for some great dunes! Try it some time.
This should all easily fit into 1 medium-large size army case.
And with that all done, let’s move on to rule 3!

Rule 3: Don’t decide where to play when you arrive!

This is where people will most likely mess up.
Decide in advance.
I do my research, I find GW stores, local game stores, cool Locations all in advance and discuss with my partner where and more importantly when we will play.
By having it mapped out it’s easier to organize the game when we’re there rather than trying to fit it in when you’re tired or overwhelmed with travel.
I hope this helps.

Whether you’re traveling to see the family for the holidays or have a getaway planned with the boys, this should give you everything you need to get it going!
This article was based on a popular post on the NATGT Facebook page! To see more great content like this, click here to check it out!

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