What We Know About Space Marine White Scars: Sons of the Great Khan

Up next on the Space Marine information train are the forces of the White Scars. Who also will be getting a Codex Supplement filled with special rules for the chapter. It will be up for preorder August 10th, let’s take a look.
White Scars Abilities
The White Scars get all the standard abilities of normal Space Marines. But gain additional advantages when the Assault Doctrine is active:
Combined with the AP improvement of 1 from the Assault Doctrine. Devastating Charge will make the White Scars absolutely terrifying in combat.
White Scars Traits and Disciplines
The White Scars have access to six Warlord abilities, and this one is no slouch:
Trophy Taker works great into keeping the momentum of a White Scars force up after slaying an enemy character. Also shown off was a spell from the Stormspeaking discipline:
Lightning Call is a great way to deal some serious damage to whatever you want. Especially if it’s a hard to root elites squad.
White Scars Relics
Like the Ultramarines, White Scars also have access to a series of relics unique to them. This one is among them:
Although not the craziest relic it definitely will help out with getting the new Lightning Call power off.
White Scars Stratagems
Codex Supplement: White Scars also includes a number of unique White Scars stratagems. Based on this first one they should be pretty good:
Born in the Saddle combines well with the White Scars Chapter Tactic to make a very fast, deadly, and effective force.
Kor’sarro Khan
Kor’sarro Khan, the Master of the Hunt, has been updated to Primaris and has quite the healthy profile:
But also his signature blade Moonfang got some buffs to make it more of a character hunter:
Kor’sarro also now has a cyber berkut named Anzuq. This hawk allows him to deal some extra damage:
In Conclusion
The White Scars a going to be exemplars of the mobile attack force. Being where they need to be to strike, and being able to fight and maximum ferocity. Codex Supplement: White Scars wil be available this weekend and will be a welcome addition to any White Scars player.
As always, A big thanks to Games Workshop for the images provided for this article.
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