Get Paid To Write About The Games You Love!

We’re looking for you!

We want people to write in with their reports on tournaments they entered or played in! We’re looking for your statistical breakdowns of which selections are better for various games! We’re looking for comparative pieces, why one thing is better than another! We’re looking for painting ‘How-To’ guides! We’re looking for unique miniature gaming armies, with breakdowns of why you chose them and why they work!

If you’re article is featured on our website, we will pay you $25 for each one!

Please include in your submission, your Name, Email Address, Postal Address, and Paypal Email (so we can pay you!)

Any article we have must only be published on our site

If it appears on our website, you agree not to submit it anywhere else for at least 1 month

You must include your bio, and feel free to include a link to any one blog/website for inclusion into the site.

All articles should have a good headline.

A good headline, is something that inspires curiosity in the reader. It can’t give away the answer in the headline, as that kills the curiosity for the reader to read it!

A good headline should be simple, not wordy, such as “How did this blood angels army win the grand tournament”

Usually the word ‘this’ encourages curiosity, such as how did ‘this’…

or ‘this’ technique can speed up your painting by 25%

A bad example would be “Blood angels won the recent grand tournament”, as there’s nothing that inspires curiosity about that headline!


If you can film video battle reports, we’ll pay $50 for each one!

You’ll need to match our style of filming as closely as possible! (So a camera in on a tripod won’t work, you’ll need someone who isn’t playing to film, and they need to have a steady hand!)

We like close ups of the miniatures, closeups of dice rolls, commentary from players, and fast paced game play!

We need the videos pre-cut, so they’re already edited when we get them.

We may make additional edits, but it should be in an upload-ready state.

Every video must be 45 mins or less in length.

You must use 2 boom mics, one on the dice camera, and one on the mobile camera.

Even better if your have two Lavalier mics, but the Lavaliers are not essential!

By submitting you understand we get full rights for the video.

We also need a 720 HD video quality at a minimum.

The email with the video battle report submission must also include the army lists, as well as the power level/points list of the army.